High-Resolution Scanning Service

We acquired a WideTek 25 (follow link for specific details on the scanner) high-resolution scanner in 2022 and have been testing it on photographs, documents, and original artwork for several months. We are pleased that it offers a very efficient process for converting print media into digital format. Because it is color calibrated, it simplifies the process of color matching and improves the workflow from scan to proof to print.

We are offering scanning services at the estimated costs provided in the poster shown. Actual costs will be determined at job completion. Best estimates will be given based on initial review of complexity and time that is likely to complete the job.

Commercial Use Scans – any scan of material(s) that will be used to sell, whether the scan itself or a derivative of the scanned image. These are typically scanned at 600 or 1200 dpi (3D lighting scans are limited to 300 dpi), and use the reproduction quality scan setting. Minor touch-ups (such as cropping, deskewing, and removal of minor surface blemishes) is included.

Non-Commercial Use Scans – any scan for personal use, or strictly internal to an organization or business. The material may not be used directly or indirectly for generating monetary gain. These are typically scanned at 300 to 600 dpi. The type of scan setting is based on the source material (photography and art, newspapers, monochrome, etc.). Source size and quality, intended purpose (to create a digital archive vs. make it print ready), touch-ups, etc. influence the final cost. The reference cost is $60/hour.

Stitching – if the source material is too large for the bed (18.5 x 25″) stitching multiple scans is an option. This will incur additional cost.

Right of Refusal – we reserve the right to refuse and/or we may require proof of copyright ownership for any source material. Inappropriate materials in our discretion may be refused.

Customer Operation – please inquire if you are interested in scanning a large quantity of source material and would like to “rent” (on premises) the scanner. Personal, non-commercial use only.

Note: We do not have the backlight option.


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