Value Framing Package

_DSC3971-1We are pleased to introduce a more accessible and framing package. The frame finish and mats have options that can be customized. The maximum recommended size of art or photo is 8×10.

A single mat package is $49, and a double mat package is $59. (Frame only with glass and rear foam board is also available for $39.)

Included in this value package:

  • A 9×11 (inside dimensions) frame available in one of (4) matte black, matte white, walnut, and natural wood finishes. The frames are constructed from quality hardwood and measure 3/4″ wide with a flat, square profile.
  • 99% UV blocking conservation grade glass.
  • Choice of one or two mats, opening cut to properly fit your art or photograph. Mat choices are limited to what we have on hand and may vary from time to time. We generally have a wide selection to choose from.
  • Mounting onto rigid foam core board.
  • Backing paper and hanging hardware installed.

_DSC3975-4Additional features may be available as extra cost add-ons. These include:

  • Closed and open V-grooves.
  • Multiple openings for multiple, small pieces in a single frame.
  • Float or semi-float mounting.

Please ask if you are interested in any of these and we will advise on cost and feasibility.

Frame color choices (slideshow or use arrows to scroll):


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Jaynee Fritzinger Art Show, Friday April 13

We are very excited to have Jaynee Fritzinger bring her art for her debut solo show at our gallery on Friday, April 13th between 5 and 7 p.m.

Jaynee hails just a short jump away from Wrangell. Her work features marine life painted with vivid colors and bold details.

Come see her, her art, enjoy light refreshments, and if something catches your fancy, take something home to liven up your walls!

Jaynee’s artist site:

Jaynee 20180413

Brian Elliot – March 9

We are pleased to bring Brian Elliot back to Petersburg for another show featuring his block prints. Please stop by from 5 to 7 p.m. on Friday, March 9 to enjoy some refreshments while browsing his work, including his newest, a de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver. He will be available to discuss his works and talk about his artistic process.

Brian many prints will be available for purchase. We will also be showcasing many of his earlier works, including “Grace” (jellyfish), “Love Birds”, and more.

201803 brian elliot

Glass Options

We primarily offer three types of glass for your framing orders. You can see the examples of each in the above photograph.

The most common and least expensive option is found on the middle framed photo: Conservation Clear with 99% UV protection. It meets the needs of most art projects. It is affordable and easy to maintain with a quick wipe with a non-ammonia based glass cleaner. As you can see, it is highly reflective which means it may not be the best option if there are many light sources or windows where your art is displayed.

A second option is Reflection Control glass on the right. It is moderately expensive but offers near complete elimination of reflections. The compromise is that in order to achieve this kind of control, a coating is on the surface of the glass which gives it a slight “haziness” through the glass. This haziness becomes more apparent the farther away the art is from the glass (e.g., a triple matted art will look hazier than a singly matted one). A darker piece of art will appear more hazy than a light colored one. In a setting where you have many, multi-directional sources of light, this glass may be a good choice.

A third option is Museum Conservation glass that is found on the photo on the left. This is a highly specialized glass and expensive. It offers an incredible degree of clarity with good elimination of harsh reflections (though not completely). It is also a glass that is difficult to care for as it shows every spot and fingerprint that ends up on the glass surface. For high-value art and display under controlled conditions, this may be an option you might want to consider.

When you come in to design your framing on your art, some of the questions we ask will include where you plan to display your art. With your art piece, budget, display location and lighting conditions we can help guide your glass choice to protect your valuable art.

Valentine’s Day Jewelry Show and More

Gingersnaps, chocolate crinkles, and lemon cookies for our opening celebration!

First of all, a big THANK YOU to everyone who braved the snow and cold to come out to celebrate our Grand Opening. It was great seeing so many of you. We hope you enjoyed your visit with us.


A sampling of Don Cornelius’ recent work

We are starting to bring in some new works. Don Cornelius brought us a few of his works this past week. We’re pleased to add him to our roster of artists.

A sample of new jewelry being featured during our Jewelry Show on Friday, February 2, 5-7 p.m.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day we are hosting a Jewelry Show featuring several favorite artists and a few new ones. Returning are Studio Picea (Sue Savage), Twisted Ginger (Erin Kandoll), and Bespoken (Gretchen Baneyx). New include a familiar name, Grace Wolf with a new line of jewelry, plus Naakée Designs (Mary Folletti and Roz Cruise) and Robert Mills. There are some exquisite bracelets and pendants as well as beautiful earrings and necklaces.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday, February 2 between 5 and 7 p.m. for the unveiling of the new lines of jewelry. We will have refreshments available for your enjoyment.

Handmade Bathbombs by Alicia Pasterski

Finally, we have another new gift item to introduce: Bathbombs handmade by Alicia Pasterski of Juneau. These come in three sizes and are available for under $20 each.

Perhaps one of these, a scented Selkie candle, and a piece of jewelry might make an excellent set of gifts for your Valentine this year!

Grand Opening February 2!

FireLight Gallery & Framing is pleased to announce that we will be open for business beginning February 1, 2018.

Our Grand Opening celebration will be held the next day, February 2, between 3 and 6 p.m. We will have giveaways, door prize drawings, and hot cider and cookies for everyone. Please stop in and see what is new and changed in the gallery.

And we also invite you to save the following Friday, February 9, for a Valentine’s Jewelry Show featuring live modeling of some of our new jewelry pieces!

A Week in Las Vegas

We traveled to Las Vegas to attend a framing “bootcamp” and also take in a little bit of the annual West Coast Art & Frame Expo. The bootcamp lasted two-and-a-half days and we spent two days at the Expo.

Hand calculated and cut multiple opening mats.

The bootcamp taught us some of the fundamentals of framing design, business, and the practical aspects of cutting mats, chopping frames, and putting them all together. It also gave us a great appreciation for a computerized mat cutting system (CMC) because in the class all the cutting was using a manual hand cutter.

Mark and Mika at the Larson-Juhl booth (one of our major suppliers of framing supplies)

We were exposed to new and different tools, designs, and methods. Some of it just wouldn’t be very practical in a location like Petersburg, but there were other things that we’d like to introduce into our business as we go along. We want to streamline and custom framing process for our customers, and make it easier to understand and order.

Digital fine art reproductions, photography, and printing was a huge part of the Expo. It is something that we’ve discussed among ourselves during the past couple of months. The big question for us is if there is enough demand and volume in Petersburg to justify the expense of investing in a wide (44″) format fine art printer and a fully color-managed workflow from capture to print. If this is something that you might be interested in having in Petersburg, please let us know.

Some of the sample work from the bootcamp (framed diploma, a floating mount, and a first attempt at the fillet)

The bootcamp and workshops boosted our confidence in our service offerings, gave us a roadmap of where we’d like to go with the business, and increased our excitement in continuing to bring to Petersburg a valued service.

John Fogerty at the Wynn

It wasn’t all work though. We managed to fit in two concerts: John Fogerty, and Human Nature Jukebox. Both were excellent shows.

Human Nature Jukebox at the Venetian

All too soon the time passed and we were headed back to Petersburg. We have just a week to go until our anticipated opening!

An early morning flight out of Las Vegas

Two Weeks to Go

Based on our anticipated plan, we have just about two weeks to go before opening day. One of the major tasks is nearly complete: repainting the walls. The days and hours just seem to fly away. As soon as we check off one item, a couple more items seem to land on our remaining to-do list. We are making progress, however, and that is the important thing. Our current goal is to be sufficiently ready when we open and to continue to add and change things through the spring.

Story about us in Capital City Weekly

A big thank-you to Chelsea Tremblay for putting together this story about us!

(Pictured is sample of April Cornell linens, a product line we are excited to bring back to Petersburg.)

Passing the Torch: Introducing FireLight Gallery and Framing in Petersburg

Petersburg’s filled with artists, like many of our neighbors here in Southeast. Painters and potters, some who draw freehand with ink and others who construct their own frames, sculpture and jewelry-makers, photographers, weavers and carvers. Having a fine art gallery in town lets local and visiting artists display their work and provides opportunities for an admiring public to take home a piece for themselves.

For the past seven years, Miele Gallery & Framing owner Beth Loesch put in long and dedicated hours to making it work. But it became clear it was time for her to transition into a different path. She put the business up for sale. And the town held its breath as we waited to hear what would happen to the last fine art gallery in town.

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