Policy for Sale & Resale of Items

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

From time to time we are asked by individuals about selling their art items in our gallery. Some of these are original works created by the person asking us. Others ask about reselling pre-owned art items.

We want to clarify our position on accepting items for sale and resale, consignment or wholesale, solicited and unsolicited.

Consignment, Sale, and Resale Policy

  1. Preference is given to original work created by the artist/consignor.
  2. Any items not created by the artist/consignor may be considered for sale or resale at the sole discretion of FireLight Gallery & Framing.
    1. The consignor warrants that they hold legal title/ownership of the item for consideration.
    2. The consignor accepts any liabilities associated with the consignment and sale of said item.
  3. Only items in new or excellent condition will generally be considered for sale or resale. FireLight Gallery & Framing makes determination of condition. Exceptions may be granted for unique, historical, or other qualifiers at the sole discretion of FireLight Gallery & Framing.
  4. FireLight Gallery & Framing will evaluate any items offered for consideration and provide notice within a week of decision on items that are and are not accepted for consignment/sale/resale.
    1. Items not accepted for sale, resale, or consignment will be returned to the offering person or persons and it is expected that they will retrieve their items in a timely manner.
    2. Items accepted for consignment will be held until sold, until the offering party requests their return, or for a period not less than three months. After three months, FireLight Gallery & Framing may request the offering party to accept returns of any unsold items.
  5. FireLight Gallery & Framing reserves the right to refuse acceptance of any item for sale, resale, and consignment.