Glass Options

We primarily offer three types of glass for your framing orders. You can see the examples of each in the above photograph.

The most common and least expensive option is found on the middle framed photo: Conservation Clear with 99% UV protection. It meets the needs of most art projects. It is affordable and easy to maintain with a quick wipe with a non-ammonia based glass cleaner. As you can see, it is highly reflective which means it may not be the best option if there are many light sources or windows where your art is displayed.

A second option is Reflection Control glass on the right. It is moderately expensive but offers near complete elimination of reflections. The compromise is that in order to achieve this kind of control, a coating is on the surface of the glass which gives it a slight “haziness” through the glass. This haziness becomes more apparent the farther away the art is from the glass (e.g., a triple matted art will look hazier than a singly matted one). A darker piece of art will appear more hazy than a light colored one. In a setting where you have many, multi-directional sources of light, this glass may be a good choice.

A third option is Museum Conservation glass that is found on the photo on the left. This is a highly specialized glass and expensive. It offers an incredible degree of clarity with good elimination of harsh reflections (though not completely). It is also a glass that is difficult to care for as it shows every spot and fingerprint that ends up on the glass surface. For high-value art and display under controlled conditions, this may be an option you might want to consider.

When you come in to design your framing on your art, some of the questions we ask will include where you plan to display your art. With your art piece, budget, display location and lighting conditions we can help guide your glass choice to protect your valuable art.


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